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Multigenerational Families

Whether you are a family that takes annual vacations together and has weekly dinners or a family that hasn’t spoken in years, familial relationships can be complicated and difficult to navigate. Labors of Love can assist you in identifying the root of the challenges that plague your family and will walk alongside you as you heal those wounds.

Abuse and Trauma Survivors
“Abuse” and “Trauma” are such hard words. The implications of these words often lead many people to minimize the severity and resulting impact of experiences they have had. Labors of Love specializes in creating a space for you to “get your story straight” without blaming or shaming, but by rightly assigning responsibility for the events in your life that continue to alter your perceptions and experiences. Labors of Love will walk alongside you during this delicate and life-changing journey.

First Responders and Other Healers
Being on the front lines, whether in law enforcement, health
and medicine, social service, or education, can be difficult and draining – often requiring you to pour from an empty well. Labors of Love creates a safe space for you to replenish by addressing the aspects of your work that trigger your own pain, identifying wounds that require healing, and developing self-care plans.

Athletes and Athletes' Families
Few people understand the trying dynamics of being an athlete or the loved one of an athlete. The grueling schedules and requirements often leave little time and energy for much else, creating challenges in relationships. Often without support, these relationships dissipate. Labors of Love creates safe and intentional space for the athlete and his or her loved ones to share their experiences and work toward healing the wounds created by such a demanding lifestyle.

Clergy and Faith-Based Leaders

Highly sought after and in high demand, Clergy and other Faith-Based Leaders are running on empty with few resources for mental, emotional, and spiritual support. Diligent to serve their greater purpose, many are bordering on burnout. Labors of Love creates safe and intentional space for these leaders to be their authentic selves, free of shame and judgement, to replenish and maintain sight of why they do the work they do.

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