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Intensive Healing Experiences

"Rarely, if ever, are any of us healed in isolation. Healing is an act of communion."

                           -bell hooks                     

As bell hooks reminds us, healing is an act of communion and it is a journey. Prioritizing safety and connection, the Intensive Healing Experience creates and nurtures the space for participants to increase awareness of their historical wounds and build the on-going capacity to address the Parts of  themselves that show up in a curious and compassionate manner.

The Journey

Each participant will engage in a 9-month process of discovery and healing. Pre-Weekend Sessions (virtual) are both individual and group and lay the foundation for the Intensive Weekend. Participants will learn some of the foundational concepts of inner child and parts work, grow in their capacity to be embodied and regulated, and develop language and ritual around their personal healing journeys.

The Intensive Weekend is an all-inclusive* destination experience designed to couple luxury vacation with intensive healing. A group of 4 participants will experience community, relaxation, and fun - all while healing some of their deepest traumas. 


Intensive Weekends are broken down into three processes:

  • Understanding Your Template

    • Exploring experiences and themes from childhood

  • Inner Child and Parts Work

    • Establishing and nurturing relationships with your Littles and Parts

  • Standing in Your Truth

    • Giving back what you have been carrying that's not yours

Post-Weekend Sessions (virtual) are both individual and group and are designed to help participants carry forth the momentum from the weekend,  integrate their healing experiences from the weekend into their daily lives and routines, continue to give and receive support from La Shanda and the other weekend participants, and nurture community and connection.

The 4 participant group format of the IHE is one of the foundational healing elements of the experience. Doing your own personal healing work is powerful, but it is hard to put into words what it is like to be witnessed in said work and to bear witness to the healing of others. Each participant is part of the container that holds and nurtures the healing work of the experience.

IHE is a therapeutic and spiritual process that incorporates somatics, coaching, creativity, and play and is a perfect complement to therapy, coaching, and other healing practices. Participants do not walk away from an IHE feeling completely healed but empowered and equipped to continue their journey towards wholeness and freedom.

Who makes a good candidate for IHE?

  • Those who have been on a healing journey and are looking to go deeper

  • Those who are looking to increase their support network

  • Those who view healing as a personal and communal investment

  • Those who feel like talking about their past trauma just isn't enough




Fall IHE -September 2023-June 2024

IHE Weekend - October 27-29, 2023


  • 9-Month Healing Journey within a Community

  • (6) Virtual Individual Healing Sessions

  • (7) Virtual Group Healing Sessions

  • All-Inclusive* Intensive Weekend Vacation

  • All materials 



The Intensive Healing Experience is $13,000.

*The Intensive Weekend Vacation includes luxury lodging with high-end amenities, all food, supplies, and special gifts for Weekend. Travel not included.

Non-refundable $2,500 deposit required to secure spot

Payment plans available

Early Registration special $500 off

  • Register by July 17 for Fall

Each IHE has 4 participants and only one (1) IHE is being offered in 2023. All interested participants must schedule a New Service Consultation to ensure IHE is a good fit and to ask any outstanding questions.

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It's time to become

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