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Relationship Therapy

"Pain/Trauma that is not transformed is transmitted."

                              - Richard Rohr

"My goal is to help people redefine how they think of family."

Is this for me?

Our wounds happen in relationship and so does our healing.  Whether seeking repair for relationships in rupture, addressing issues and wounds from the past, looking to develop a deeper understanding of one another, or improving communication and conflict resolution, Relationship Therapy is about healing and creating sustainable change through connection.

Labors of Love works with ALL relationships (ages 14+)*:

  • Biological, Adoptive, Chosen Families

  • Romantic Partners

  • Work Partners/Co-Workers

  • Friends

  • Neighbors

  • Team or Band Mates

We specialize in working with Adolescent Transracial Adoptive families, Multi-generational families, Mother/Daughter relational dynamics, and Athletes and Faith-Leaders and their partners.

We are anti-racist, trauma-responsive, and LGBTQ+ affirming.  We create and nurture space for people to be fully themselves and heal from the roots up.

*Relationship Therapy clients must be Ohio Residents


Sessions for 2 people

60 minutes | $235

Sessions of 3-6 people 

90 minutes  |  $425

*Please note that we do not accept Insurance


Generational trauma

stops here.


Need an Individual Therapist?

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