Move from Coping to Healing.

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We are only accepting new Family clients for therapy at this time.
Please see our referrals for Individual and Couples counseling.

​Generational Trauma Stops Here

We aim to create intentional space for exploration, healing, and growth.

What if you were able to identify where some of your problematic beliefs and behaviors started, heal, and move forward not repeating the same patterns, would you do it? Many don't realize that's an option. So many of us are living out our traumas and calling it personality - "that's just how I am." Trauma that is not transformed is transmitted and many of us are numerous generations into this cycle. Trauma travels from generation to generation until someone is ready to feel it, heal it, and let it. It can stop with you!

Healing is possible, and we are here to travel the journey alongside you.

La Shanda Sugg, LPC
Owner, Therapist, Consultant

La Shanda Sugg, LPC is a therapist, trainer, and consultant. Gifted with the art of translating, she takes complex concepts and makes them relatable and easy to understand. Her ability to create safety, along with her deeply profound insights and engaging personality make her a highly sought-after trainer and counselor. Her passion to help people heal and live fulfilled lives is obvious through her work both in the training space and the therapy room.

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Multi-generational Families

Whether you are a family that takes annual vacations together and has weekly dinners or a family that hasn’t spoken in years, family relationships can be complicated and difficult to navigate. Labors of Love can assist you in identifying the root of the challenges that plague your family and will walk alongside you as you heal those wounds.


​We further specialize in working with Caucasian families that adopt and/or foster African American children.  The complexities of abandonment, identity, and racial trauma can be challenging to navigate; you don't have to do it alone.

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Corporations, Organizations, Churches

In order to effectively address the needs of people of Culture (BIPOC) during this time of racial trauma and revolution one must understand that systemic oppression is comprised of Ideologies that are carried out through Institutions. These ideologies impact how people interact Interpersonally and influences Internalized narratives (4 I’s of Oppression). Shifting organizational culture to one of anti-oppression and anti-racism involves a combination of Safe Space generation, Brave Space cultivation, and education with ongoing follow-up. Labors of Love is prepared and equipped to support corporations, organizations, and governments on their journey.

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Helpers and Healers

Being on the front lines, whether in law enforcement, health and medicine, social service, or education, can be difficult and draining – often requiring you to pour from an empty well. Labors of Love creates a safe space for you to replenish by providing Intensive Therapy Weekends, one-on-one and small group consultation, and personal and professional development courses.



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