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Liberatory Coaching

"Liberatory Coaching is listening, seeing, feeling, and sensing in multiple dimensions to someone's essence and what they are being called to evolve into."
Sarah Jawaid and Damon Azali-Rojas,
Founders of Coaching for Healing , Justice, and Liberation


Let's explore and navigate the systems that are keeping you from living your most authentic life.

Is this for me?

Each of us has a contribution to make and it requires us to show up as our most authentic selves. Coaching is a process that establishes the felt-safety needed for both Coach (me) and Coach Partner (you) to show up fully and explore our nervous systems, parts, needs and values. I understand, as a Coach, that you already have everything you need and my roles is to help you gain access to what you already possess to go where you want to go and go as your most authentic self.

While you do not have to subscribe to any particular religious or spiritual orientation, it is imperative that a Coach Partner understands this is a deeply spiritual process and connects us to something bigger than ourselves. 

Liberatory Coaching may be a good fit if you are:

  • Age 18+

  • Interested in exploring the impact of systems like white supremacy, exploitative capitalism, and colonization

  • Looking to create intentional, decolonized ways of BEing

  • Open to connecting with something bigger than yourself (i.e. earth, spirit, ancestors, etc.)

  • Willing to SLOW DOWN and disengage urgency

  • Committed to coming into loving, reciprocal relationship with your body and Self

  • Ready to address and heal past trauma

Each coaching relationship is different and meets you where you are. Together we establish Conscious Relationship Agreements and create the container each Coach Partner needs.


60-minute Sessions 


*Please note that we do not accept Insurance

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