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A weekly dose of encouragement and reflection.


We are now in our second season of The Labors of Love Podcast! Tune in every Tuesday for a new opportunity for self reflection. 


Any suggestions?

We would love to know who you want to see and what you want to hear.

Thank you for sharing!

Podcast Suggestion
La Shanda's Podcast Features
A Voice for the Innocent Podcast: 
Should I really go to counseling?
GraceStory Podcast:
Adverse Childhood Experiences
Connectfulness Practice Podcast
Generational Healing with La Shanda Sugg, LPC
Truth and Consequences Podcast:
Talking Trauma and Treatment
Clearly Clinical Podcast:
Lifting Black Voices
Community Routes Podcast:
Off the Beaten Path w/ La Shanda Sugg
Clearly Clinical Podcast:
Understanding the World that Shaped Us
The Resilience Project Podcast:
Exploring the Stories We Tell
Coffee with T on Confident Strides:
How to Recognize Trauma In Our Lives
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